About this site

About this site
Discussing opera with the great Tilda Swinton and future Call Me By Your Name director Luca Guadagnino at TIFF. Photo by Kathryn Gaitens

Welcome to So Sumi! My name is Glenn Sumi, and I've been an arts writer and editor for more than 25 years. I wrote my first review (see clipping below) for Toronto's NOW Magazine in November 1997, and I stayed with them on staff as a theatre writer, arts editor (stage and film) and then acting managing editor until they cut off my email access in December 2022.

I was also a weekly on-air pop culture contributor at CTV News Channel for two years, talked about theatre and film on CBC Radio, TVO and other outlets and have written for The Globe & Mail, Xtra!, Quill & Quire and many now defunct publications. Recently, I wrote about the (then) Broadway-bound musical & Juliet for a brand new glossy magazine out of the UK called Musicals.

I've sat on several juries, including the Toronto Film Critics Association, the Toronto Theatre Critics Association, the Juno Awards for best comedy album, the Canadian Screen Awards, TIFF's Canada's Top 10 list and the Chalmers Awards.

My first NOW theatre review, in November 1997, of the masterpiece Harlem Duet.

What is So Sumi?

So Sumi is about the Toronto performing arts scene: theatre, comedy, opera, perhaps some dance. I'll cover books, movies and TV if they have a Toronto or performing arts hook.

Because there's so much live theatre in Toronto, most of the content on here will be reviews and free for everyone to read and share; there are so few trustworthy outlets covering live theatre these days that I didn't want to put those behind a paywall.

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